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 Gangster- Admins- Roles

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PostSubject: Gangster- Admins- Roles   Wed Aug 19, 2009 5:13 pm

What the hell is going on with the server. Originaly ME, CHAZ and JT made this server when we left SP. now im being told by some random person who i dont even know that they own the server that I MADE with CHAZ and JT. now this little fuck has BAND ME from my owner server and has done the same to CHAZ. As soon as i get back on This 'Joker' is gone. for good. I can belive people in this server anymore. There are certain members that have been promoting people to owner status without MY or CHAZ's perfmition. Which has now resulted in us being banned By the Fraud. Now i warn you Gangster, I have not taken lightley to this and you will NOT get a pair punishment. You have pushed the boundries to far and now you give me no choice. you have gone against the servers FOUNDER's ( ME and CHAZ ).

If anyone else participates in any similar action as such they will be removed, banned and never aloud back with the sever!

With much regret and dissapointment
Owner and Founder

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Gangster- Admins- Roles
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